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    The Bell's List of Links -- Bookmark this page. Here you find selected support information in areas of Internet security, cryptography, protocols, case studies of electronic elections experience worldwide, media watch and other useful links related to voting and collaborative decision-making.

    All materials in this Section are copyrighted as regulated by their authors.

A Comprehensive Collection of Internet Voting Information
Computer Security Is No Sure Thing
Democracies Online
Developing a Context for Internet Voting
Elections Canada
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Federal Election Commission
Federal Voting Assistance Program
Georgia House of Representatives HB 1762 (Internet voting systems; provisions)
Hacker’s Dictionary
International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers
International Foundation for Election Systems
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Meta-Certificate Group
Internet Voting
Internet Voting for the 21st Century
Internet Voting: Spurring or Corrupting Democracy?
League of Women Voters
National Association of Secretaries of State
National Association of State Election Directors
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Election Studies
Operation Opt-Out
People for Internet Responsibility The Consumer Information Organization
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy Times
Related Links on Privacy and Security I
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Related Links on Privacy and Security IV
Related Links on Privacy and Security V
RSACryptoBytes Newsletter
The Administration and Cost of Elections Projects
The National Voter Registration Form
The Privacy Page
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Vendors Send Personal Information to Marketing Firm, Despite Policies
Ed Gerck’s definition of trust in communication systems
Microsoft’s case study on the 10-year experience of electronic national elections in Brazil, with security provided by Modulo Security Solutions
Net Voting Alliance To Propose Standards For Online Elections
After Attack by Hackers, AOL Tightens Data Access
A True Democracy for a New Millennium
A Rogue Software Program Attacks Computers Worldwide
Bill Would Form Privacy Commission
Bills to Protect Privacy Need Public Support
BOOK REVIEW: Losing Privacy in the Age of the Internet
Brazil Ahead of U.S. in Net Voting
Brazil: Internet Pioneer?
Can Hackers Kill Credit Cards?
Casting a Vote of Caution on Online Voting
Computer Security Attacks, Losses Surging - Study
Control of Private Data Belongs in Hands of Consumers, Not Vendors
Cybersnooping Reaching Down to the Keystroke
Democratic National Convention Names as the Official Voting Services Provider
"Digital Storm" Brews at the FBI
Doctors Shaken to Find Personal Data on the Web Will Administer the Reform Party's Presidential Primary
Essay on Privacy by William Safire
E-voting? Electronic-election Business Campaigns Hard
Examining Internet Voting in Washington State
Experts Estimate Damages in the Billions for Bug
FBI Tracks Famous Hacker in Germany: UCLA joins list of California universities used in attacks
F.T.C. Chairman Will Accept Gradual Moves on Net Privacy
Graphic, Visualization & Usability Center's Seventh WWW User Survey
Group Calls Privacy Protection Measures Ineffective
Internet Explorer “Open Cookie Jar”
Internet Voting a Matter of Technicalities – Letter to the Editor 
Internet Voting: Proceed Cautiously
Is Internet Voting Fair?
Junkbusters: How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
Lawmakers Introduce Privacy Bill in the Wake of Toysmart Scandal
Microsoft Alters Outlook E-Mail to Block Viruses
Microsoft Browser Bug May Access Private Files
Microsoft, Netscape Squabble Over Browser Scripting Hole
Netscape Tests Patches for Security Hole
New, Nastier E-Mail Virus On the Attack
People for Internet Responsibility: PFIR Statement on Internet Voting
Political Websites Lack Constituents
Privacy Proposal Rankles Internet Industry
Privacy Statement from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue
Research Projects and Publications on Internet Voting
Some Comments on the California Internet Voting Task Force Report of January 2000
Stan.Comment: Internet Voting
Study Finds Strong Demand for eGovernment Services; Driver's License Renewals, Internet Voting Are Top Applications
Surfer Beware III: Privacy Policies without Privacy Protection
Survey Shows Few Trust Promises on Online Privacy
The California Voter Foundation Member Survey
The Dark Side of Cookies
The Net Vote's Still out
The Politics of Privacy
U.K. Plan to Open Internet Spy Center Draws Criticism
Web Also Revolutionizing ID Fakery
Web Firms Have Sorry Record on Public’s Privacy
Why Not Internet Voting?
Why the Net Doesn’t Belong to America
Vast Online Credit Card Theft Revealed Brings Online Voting Technology to the Republican National Convention

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